Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can vitamins replace diabetic drugs?

GRAND RAPIDS -- The pain in Rosemary Sousley's feet had gotten so bad she could barely walk into the next room.

Knowing it was caused by her diabetes and perhaps the chemotherapy she underwent for breast cancer a few years ago didn't help. Neither did the eight Tylenol she was taking every day.

So when her podiatrist, Dr. Michael David, invited her to join a study to determine if a formula of vitamins and minerals could reduce diabetes-related pain, the 68-year-old Middleville woman agreed. 

Within two weeks, the pain in her feet had subsided enough she began cutting back on the Tylenol. Within a month, she was down to one Tylenol a day, and "now I'm at the point of taking two or three a week."

The pain is virtually gone, Sousley said. "It's a warm awareness," she said, "but it's not painful."